Follow the Colors

It’s Wednesday so that means time for another Inspiration Monday challenge courtesy of Be Kind Rewrite. Two short ones this week, and they may not be appreciated by everyone. So fair warning.


Never Stop Running

The first day Sheila had the sniffles and her eyes were just a little watery. On the second of her cold, she was as stuffed up as a mounted duck. The third day, all kinds of disgusting fluids cascaded from her nose.

The snot flowed down her face. The fever made her delirious and she entertained a realistic fantasy of what might happen if her nose never stopped running.  She imagined wading through ankle deep puddles of nose pudding, slurping and sucking at her feet as she tried to lift them.

The phlegm level rose and now she was wading waist deep as she moved from nest of blankets into the kitchen to stir the chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. On her way back to the couch, she lost her footing and fell. Sheila thrashed and fought to regain the surface. But the disease had weakened her, zapped the fight right out of her. She stopped struggling and let the sticky goo envelop her.

Sheila woke with a wheezy gasp and reached for the box of tissues on the floor.


Follow the Colors

“That’s offensive and completely inappropriate for a man like you to say”

“What do you mean? The park is divided into five themes. See those lines painted on the ground? Just follow one to get to that area. Green is the forest section, blue the water park, black for space exploration, white for the arctic and yellow for the desert.”

“Oh, ok.  Sorry, Mickey. I thought you said follow the coloreds.”


7 thoughts on “Follow the Colors

  1. The first one was a disgustingly great piece of writing. Unfortunately the imagery was very good!
    Even the chicken noodle soup didn’t sound so appetising.
    A great read Craig – thanks.

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