February Writing Challenge: Of Love and Leap Years

Challenge found at Sonia G Medeiros‘ blog. 250 words, using the themes love or leap year, and it has to include five words from a list provided. Pretty, pretty challenging. You should head over there and give it a shot yourself.


She coughed and upset the civil silence draped over the dining room. Her lord father looked up from his soup and scowled. Her mother continued to float along on her afternoon scotch as though underwater.

They stared at her; one cold, level glare and the other a glassy glance.

“Your recent disorderly behaviour has not gone unnoticed, young lady,” her father boomed from the head of the table. “There is much talk about town of your frolicking about with boys of lesser standing than befits you.”

Her mother smiled dully at something one of the alcoholic apparitions encircling her said.

“Stuff it,” she shouted, full of the rage only young women in love possess. “Stuff your frolic and stuff your talk and stuff your starched-shirt dignity.”

The daughter stood up, gathered her skirts and ran up the wide staircase to her room. Her father followed, hollering and bellowing about rules and respect and reverence. She slammed the door and turned the key and laughed and cried at the same time into her feather pillow.

Large fists pounded at her door.

Clutching the pillow to her chest she smiled and ignored the violence on the other side of the door. By this time tomorrow, she thought, she will have escaped this dreadfully polite prison. She and the cordwainer’s son would set sail across the ocean, to India or the Americas, the destination would not matter, as long as they were together.

She smiled and watched the clock arms tick toward freedom.


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