Owl and Raccoon – Mushrooms

So I managed to write this at home on Thursday night, meaning to have the picture for once, but I can’t make it look good, so I quit. Head over to Madison Woods to see it and read a whole lot of great stories.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Owl said.

Raccoon drew his leg back and punted a mushroom. The cap snapped off the stem, flew straight into the nearest pine tree and exploded.

“Are you kidding?” he said, scratching the sap with his fingernail. “Goblins don’t exist.”

“My uncle saw one,” Owl said. “Said the goblin cursed him for picking mushrooms. They live in them, you know.”

Raccoon wound up and kicked another one. “I’m out of here.”

Owl took a few quick steps to catch up. Neither noticed the creature cloaked in mud, moss and leaves shadowing them as they walked home.


40 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Mushrooms

  1. I liked this Craig.
    Seemed like harmless woodland creatures, kicking mushrooms around at first. Then there is the menace introduced in your last line, “Neither noticed the creature cloaked in mud, moss and leaves shadowing them as they walked home.” That left me to draw pictures in my head of the possible outcomes.
    A great read.

  2. I like it! Not sure about `”mushroom to toadstool,” but I could really picture your characters. Very nice|

  3. Oh, I wanted to add that I had trouble putting the photos in my blog, but Carlos pointed the way. you drag the photo to your desktop. Then open it in Preview or whatever you have and save it in your Picture folder (I have a Madison Folder now) then you blog should let you upload a photo from your computer files! Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Lindaura,

      I figured that part out, I just couldn’t size it properly so it was the same size as my text. It kept skewing my whole site off to the right. And I guess I’ve gone this long without using them, I might as well keep my streak up, hahahhah.

  4. Fantastic, Craig. I loved how you gave it the sense of a children’s fable with the forest creatures, but gave us a good splash of sinister at the end! Such fun.

  5. Loved this. Especially the part where Raccoon ‘punts’ the mushroom cap, LOL. Great imagery. I think the whole thing flowed terrific, but there is something about the last line that didn’t work so well for me. Not that a goblin watched – loved that – but I think it’s the ‘neither noticed’ part. If you just show us the goblin watching, glaring at them even, I think that would wrap it up perfectly.

  6. Dear Craig,

    You possess a certain mastery over your imaginary world in this story. The manifestation of lurking menace clothed in the camouflage of forests we’ve all walked unaware through. Things live there that we never see. The lesson that we learn too late to step lightly and with reverence through the world.

    Great job.



  7. I really loved the characterisation of the animals as little kids. Their actions were perfect. Great story.

    (Sorry for the late posting – tried to comment on Friday but had an epic fail from the computer!)

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