Owl and Raccoon – Stone, Stream and Leaves


Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. Head on over there to see the picture prompt, and read a bunch of other imaginative super short stories.

They were poking a bloated dead frog with a stick when the strange man crashed through the dry, bare branches. He was bald, bearded, wore four layers of clothing, three of dirt and carried a bulging sack.

Owl and Raccoon stared at the stumbling, swearing stranger.

“Can you two keep your mouth shut?”

They looked from the frog to the man, nodding.

“Good,” he said. “If the cops come by don’t say anything or I’ll find you.” The stranger dropped a handful of crumpled bills on the stone then ran away, freshly fallen and frozen leaves crunching under his boots.


21 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Stone, Stream and Leaves

  1. Dear Craig,

    These slices of life in Owl and Raccoon’s world are quite beguiling. Is there a WIP associated with them? Nicely rendered, my friend.

    See you at midnight! (That’s what time it usually is here when Madison yells “Woo Hooo!”



    1. Hi Doug,

      There might be, but for now they’re my go to way out of a tight spot when it’s Thursday and the other ideas just don’t want to work.
      We’ll have to see where Madison’s next prompt takes them, hhahaha.


  2. I really like the Owl and the Raccoon, Craig, and think you should keep doing their stories, not as a fallback. An additional challenge, making every story an Owl and Raccoon story! It’s kind of like a combination of Pogo and The Wind in the Willows, two of my all-time faves (especially Pogo). You could publish a book of O&R 100 word stories.

    1. Really pleased to have seen the return of my beloved Owl and Raccoon. Excellent post – loved the blundering man. He reminded me of Magwitch from Great Expectations. Will he run off and eat a pork pie?

  3. Hi Craig, I love these fractured fairy tales or whatever it is they should be called. Frog murder is a serious problem along streams, but I question the integrity of Raccoon and Owl for taking the payoff. I wonder what they’ll do with the money.
    Very delightful!
    Here’s mine: bridgesareforburning.wordpress.com/

  4. You know we’re all going to be disappointed if we don’t get more peeks at the lives of Owl and Raccoon, right? They’re such a dynamic pair and you’ve done a great job of making them real. Loved your story. The only crit I’d offer is to suggest you change the last sentence to ‘ran away over the freshly fallen…’ or something other than the ‘away, freshly fallen…’ wording.

    1. See I guess the thing is, I don’t know if they really are animals or people with animal names, or half-animal-half-human somethings. Hahhaha.Thanks for stopping by.

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