Dzinski – Pick it Up

Prompt courtesy of Be Kind Rewrite‘s Inspiration Mondays. Lots of great prompts to choose from, and a growing stable of writers to read. Head on over. 

“Go ahead, pick it up if you think your insides could use some air,” the big man said, taking a step closer, levelling his pistol at Frank Dzinski’s chest.

Dzinski pulled his hands away from the open drawer and laid them on top of his felt blotter.

“I was just going to offer you a drink, Harv,” Dzinski said.

They stared at each other. Harv was a former boxer, a bit punchy, quick to anger and enjoyed wearing loud, colourful suits. Today’s outfit was the colour of Florida Key Lime pie.

He was also muscle for Spits Malloy.

“Harvey, if you’re just going to stand there talking my ear off,” Dzinski said. “I’m going to have that drink after all.”

He reached down slowly, hooked his fingers around the neck, ignored the click of Harv’s safety and set the bourbon on the desk. “Why don’t you put that gun away, grab the glasses from the sink, sit down and tell me why Malloy sent you.”

Harv’s lips screwed up and he tilted his head to the side. He walked sideways to the sink, picked up two tumblers with his thick fingers and set them down on the desk. He remained standing, but slipped the pistol back into the holster under his left shoulder. Dzinski poured a couple of glugs into each glass, nudged one towards Harv, grabbed the other and leaned back in his chair.

The big man waited until Dzinski took a drink, then wrapped one mitt around his, making it all but disappear behind his fingers.

“Mr. Malloy has an offer for you. Something you can do to make up for all the trouble you been causing him,” Harv said. “Simple job. He thinks his girl is stepping out on him, and he wants you to make sure she isn’t.”

Dzinski said something about Malloy had an army of hooligans. Harv finished his drink and said this girl knew most of them, and the boss didn’t want her to think he was having her followed.

“Like I said, Mr. Malloy figures you owe him,” Harv said. “For busting up his rum business. Plus he’ll pay you three grand, mostly to keep your mouth shut about it.”

Harv then pulled a four by six photo and a thick envelope from his right breast pocket.

Dzinski picked up the photo and puckered his lips in a whistle. Malloy’s girl was a looker, if you liked the mysterious brunette with smoky doe-eyes type. He flipped the image over and studied the address penciled there.

“Not the best neighbourhood to shack up his moll,” Dzinski said. Harv just shrugged his shoulders.

Dzinski finished his drink and was just about to let Harv know where he could stick his three thousand bucks, when he thought about ducking the building manager, taking the bus, pouring that rotgut into a bottle with a classier label and telling himself it tasted fine. He grimaced, choked something down inside of him and accepted the job.

Harv stood up and said he’d be in touch.

After the big man left his office, Dzinski filled his glass. Took a drink big enough to burn his throat and tear up in the corners of his eyes.

He wondered how he let himself sink so low.


13 thoughts on “Dzinski – Pick it Up

  1. Oh, interesting. For some reason, I was picturing a western scene in my head. I don’t know why, it probably wasn’t what you were going for, but I just was (even with the mention of the key lime colored suit, which should have made me think gangster). My mind goes to the wrong spots sometimes. Either way, I liked this.

  2. Wow! I love this story. You have an excellent way with words. I love your descriptions, I could really picture everything so well in my mind. You are a great writer.

  3. You do a great job with developing your short stories. Do you tend to sketch out how you want them to look or do you write it and see where it takes you?

    1. I usually have an idea, a line or something, and then start and see what happens, delete a lot or not, and either move from the idea or towards it somehow. Never really thought about it before. Thanks for the read.

  4. This is so deliciously gangsterish. Enjoyed!

    Saw a couple typos, though – I wouldn’t have mentioned ’em but it’s rare for you so I thought I’d give you a heads up. “Put slipped his gun” and maybe one more.

    I’m thinking Dzinski’s gonna turn out to be a hero and save the girl somehow. : )

  5. Excellent descriptions to capture the setting, and good story. Keep up the good words, Craig!

  6. Real Mickey Spillane! Mike Hammer rides again – guess who’s my next read on the bedside table!
    Good stuff, Craig!

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