Owl and Raccoon – Bones (Alternate)

I forgot I had written this earlier this week for the photo prompt at Madison Woods. I’m not sure if it’s concurrent with this morning’s story or if it takes place in an alternate universe.


Goblin snapped the small finger bone in half and sucked out the marrow. He tossed it to the growing pile by the rocks.  He smacked his lips and ran his tongue over his teeth to make sure no bits of flesh remained between them.

He leaned back, content.

Those kids had led him to a chance encounter. The large, filthy man was so terrified, horrified, petrified, the goblin had easily hypnotized him. Now he had a willing slave.

The big man returned from the creek with a bucket of cold water. Goblin smiled, pointy teeth glistening, and planned his revenge.




10 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Bones (Alternate)

    1. Yeah, Owl & Raccoon are the kids, the big guy is the same – I was trying to bring it all together. Have to see what the prompt is next week. Thanks. I’ll head over to your at lunch.

      1. I’m not going to lie, I feel so smart putting that all together. And the question I was afraid to ask is, are the bones those of Owl and Racoon?

  1. I liked this one too – your descriptions are just so vivid, this time in the goblin licking his teeth. Should we be worried about your power to describe bones and eating them?!

  2. I really liked this, almost even liked the goblin, just because he was so – gobliny. Sucking the bone marrow, licking his teeth, great characterization, well done.

  3. I like how you’re connecting the prompts. From the other comments I can see its not the two kids that he just devoured. You do a nice job with these. :)

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