Owl and Raccoon – Cellar

Entry for Madison Woods‘ Friday Fictioneers. Click on her name (on Friday) to see the picture prompt for this week and read some other really great super-short stories.

Raccoon stomped down the steps to the root cellar, his mother hollering to get more carrots while he was down there.

“And a few turnips,” she said.

Raccoon stuck his tongue out and mimicked her silently. He tossed the vegetables in a basket. Movement drew his eye to the hole in the wall. Something big stumbled from the forest and walked across the field towards the house.

Raccoon recognized the filthy man. An onion grew in his throat.  He took the money from his pocket and stuffed it beneath the potatoes. Trembling, he ran upstairs and hid under his bed.


26 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Cellar

  1. Craig! I loved it! As you know, i’m a huge fan of Racoon and Owl, and I loved being able to see Racoon at last. The continuation of the story is also fantastic and the “onion grew in his throat” line is one of the best metaphors for that feeling I have ever read.

    One day I hope you will collect Owl and Raccoon’s entire story in a single book and sell it. I’ll be first in line for a copy.

    I’m over here: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/friday-fictioneers-16/

  2. Love the illustrations and was surprised to see that raccoon is a little boy in costume or pj’s! Very nice and I hope you keep developing this one :)

  3. Good, more Raccoon and Owl, or maybe just Raccoon this time. It’s good to get some character development in early on. Poor Raccoon – but he has lessons to learn. This is good.

  4. Thanks for stopping by everybody. I’ve been a bit of a bum when it comes to commenting and replying this week./ (Damn Mass Effect 3!)

    I”ll try to get around to reading your stuff by the next one.

  5. The Curse of Mass Effect 3 seems to be affecting most of my friends right now. :D

    I found the illustrations delightful, and at the same time, were this to be turned into a book, I’m not sure I would reveal their “human” nature until just about this far in. I may change my mind, but there seems to be some sort of subtext here that is bringing Raccoon a bit more into the “human” world. Or I’m just reading into it too much :D

    Anyway, my drabble from last week is here: http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/orientation/

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