Owl and Raccoon – Drops 2

The second entry from Madison Wood‘s prompt is a stand-alone piece, but related to the universe and characters I usually use. Because I still don’t know where I want these little bits of story to go. And I don’t like boxing myself in.

Raccoon was sitting behind the woodshed, avoiding his Saturday chores. A downpour the night before, and a light drizzle this morning soaked the tall grass and peppered the worn earth around the logs. He scraped the dirt with a stick, creating brooks, streams, rivers and tributaries leading to an ocean of a puddle.

The damp weather made his nose run. He wiped it with his sweater sleeve and surveyed his water system. He’d ask Owl to fold paper sailboats this afternoon.

His mother hollered to get inside, he’d catch a cold in this weather and his room wouldn’t clean itself.


19 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Drops 2

  1. Oh Craig. I feel like this is an earlier scene. Maybe even the first chapter. I am still worrying about the dragon. OK, get a grip, Elmo.
    This is beautifully wrought, and completely conveys the innocence of the boys, but also their powerful imaginations, which (in my head, I might of coruse be wrong) lead to the adventures we see in later episodes. (Like the dragon, did I mention I’m worried about the dragon?!)
    There are a couple of typos again (eg “soaked the warm grass WHICH peppered the…”) for you to polish out, but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Raccoon’s water creation, or more accurately, your description of it. *Round of applause*. It’s my favourite of the day so far.

    Now get back to that cave and rescue those boys! ;)

    I’m over here: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/friday-fiction-maturity/

    1. Thanks Elmo,

      I sort of figured I would just write whatever I felt and then collect everything and see if there might be some kind of order or string between them all. Owl and Raccoon are still in development. I<m looking forward to seeing how they end up. (also that might be the first round of applause I have received, I bow in thanks!)

      1. You figured you could write whatever you want?! Have you no sensitivity for the hopes and fears of your poor readers?!
        I jest, do what you will with us. We will faithfully follow these boys wherever you take them.

  2. Loved this one, too, Craig. One day maybe ‘a plan’ will devise itself and you’ll wake up knowing what to do with these wonderful characters. Otherwise we are happy to follow them around wherever they go :)

    1. It was the one I liked more too. This week was my test – string them along from week to week or let everything stand alone. I’m pretty sure I have my answer. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Are they little boys? Animals? Cartoon characters? Whatever and whoever…I love them. Want to read more of their silly adventures.

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