Owl and Raccoon – Drops 1

Got ahead of myself this morning and banged out two different story for this week’s prompt from Madison Woods.

This one is a continuation of last week‘s entry.

Somewhere ahead of them, water fell from the ceiling. In the still of the cave, the drops drummed against the ground. It was dark and the air was thick and hot like they were walking through a coal stove chimney.

Owl and Raccoon gripped their weapons and shuffled forward.

“We should have brought sacs,” Raccoon said. And then, sensing Owl staring at him eyebrows cocked in question, added, “For the treasure.”

Water dripped from everywhere now, some sounding like tinkling piano keys, other like cymbals and snares. They rounded a corner, right into the fang-filled, gaping maw of the dragon.


16 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Drops 1

  1. I’m really into this particular story line. I enjoy their innocence in the midst of so much danger.

  2. I agree about the typos but WHO CARES?! Owl and Raccoon are about to be eaten by a DRAGON!!! I’d comment more, but I’m running to story number 2 in case it resolves the cliffhanger….


  3. Always like it when ‘gaping maws’ are encountered, lol, but usually that only happens in Lovecraftian worlds. Great story :)

  4. In such a story, typos are easily overlooked and many may even been deliberate, such as Christopher Robin’s “BISY BACKSON” for “Busy. Back soon.” In fact, given the characters here and last week, the connection to Winnie the Pooh may be intentional, which would account for a lot. Well done, though.

    Here’s mine: http://wp.me/p24aJS-3Z

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