Owl and Raccoon – Loops

As always, prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. Follow the link to see the picture prompt and to read what everyone else came up with.


Raccoon slipped the note in Owl’s pocket in the busy, locker-lined hallway. The final bells had rung. Owl was on his way home and Raccoon was being marched into another stint of detention by his exasperated math teacher.

They pretended to ignore each other, to give nothing away.

Owl decoded the message on the bus ride home, memorized it, then shredded the note and let the little bits of paper fly from his hand hanging out the open window.

After dinner, they met at the loops of barbwire in the old fence and set out to avenge Raccoon’s wrongful imprisonment.



Oh, and if anyone is interested the collected adventures of Owl and Raccoon can be found here.

24 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Loops

  1. I love how seriously they take their little alter-ego lives! Cool little story, Craig and glad to see you’ve gathered them all up in one place now. Next thing we know, you’ll have a link to your ebook on the Adventures of Owl and Raccoon ;)

  2. Another delightful offering in your continuing adventures. I am a little disappointed that you did not use the barbed wire in a more forceful way, but perhaps you are being to subtle. Perhaps they are planning to surround the math teacher in the wire and roll him up in a bundle – then they can kick him into the river!

  3. Nice one again, Craig. Your writing is very smooth; I think it has improved with age, whether it’s my age ot yours, I’m not sure. Do you have the Owl and Raccoon stories collated somewhere? Will you fill them out to continue these bits of story? I think you should.

    1. Thanks Carlos.

      I do have them all in one document – I was just waiting to get to a certain word count (or number of stories) and then I was hoping to rearrange and rewrite them into a long-type story.

  4. Uh…oh. They’re at it again. LOL. Hope you continue this next week. I want to see what kind of revenge they take using the barbed wire. Thank you. I look forward to the delightful adventures of Owl and Raccoon every Friday. One day, I hope to see them illustrated. Between you and Russell, I get my chuckle fix for the week. Here’s mine:

  5. Just had to read it again…for a few more chuckles. Thank you Craig…for all these wonderful episodes and adventures of Owl and Raccoon.

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