Owl and Raccoon – Demolish

Once again, prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. Click the link to see the image, and read all the other great pieces.

The houses were going to be demolished. Owl and Raccoon snuck past the fence set up around the block and into one of the windowless homes.

“We lived here when I was little,” Raccoon said. “Things happened.”

“Like what?”

Raccoon looked at him, shuddered and refused to speak. Owl followed him upstairs and into his old bedroom. Something scuttled away behind the walls. Loose floorboards creaked. Furry caterpillars of fear crawled up their spines. The attic access panel was missing from the closet ceiling. Their hearts whispered warnings.

Tendrils of menace nipped at their heels as they ran out.

(Want more? Find the incomplete adventures of Owl and Raccoon here.)


24 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Demolish

  1. interesting to use characters like from a folk tale, with raccoon and owl, kind of like winnie the pooh, but there are no tendrils of menace in pooh stories!

  2. Everyone else has already mentioned my two favorite phrases. But I want to know what kind of ‘things’ happened there! Another great installment to the adventures of Owl and Raccoon, Craig.

  3. Hey Craig. Better late than never, I hope. Like everyone else, I loved the descriptors you used, and the feel of this piece although the “things” that happened hints at something even darker than the scary man and the goblin we have already met.
    do you ever feel the urge to deny us Owl and Raccoon occasionally? I have a feeling you used to mix their adventures in with other stories in the past!

    1. hey Elmo, thanks for stopping by.

      I actually wrote another story about one of the “things” that happened.
      As for denying Owl and Raccoon – those two have pretty much taken over everything I write now – I’m hoping some kind of thread between all the pieces will appear if I keep writing them.

  4. Another adventurous episode to the Owl and Raccoon saga. I know some kind of thread betw. the pieces will appear eventually…just keep writing them. Allow us to ride on your tail of success when it happens, so we can say “We knew you when…”

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