Owl and Raccoon – Old Moon

Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. Follow the link to see the picture, and to read what everyone else came up with.

When he was sure his parents were asleep, Raccoon pointed the flashlight out his bedroom window and clicked it on and off three times and waited for Owl to return the signal.

Five minutes later, they stood in the field between their houses; letting their eyes adjust to the moonlight.

“What in the hell are you two doing out here?” Raccoon’s father slurred, stumbling out from the woodshed.

The boys gulped and Raccoon begged Owl to run away. A skull-shaped cloud smiled down menacingly. Owl shook his head and stood fast beside Raccoon as his father stomped clumsily toward them.


Part two here.


31 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Old Moon

    1. I had to google Peyton Place, but it may be an apt comparison. They must be trying to escape something with all their little fantasies. Thanks for reading.

  1. Your writing is smooth and just flows, Craig. A pleasure to read. You are the one person who now I wish would exceed the 100 word parameter. Normally something I don’t ascribe to, but think that you have earned the permission. Anyway, like everyone else, I love the Owl and Raccoon; they seem like a cross between Pogo and Mark Twain.

      1. My phone is acting silly so sorry for the half started response in the picture. I think they are adorable. A little of what I was picturing, but not quite. Lovely work by the artist. :)

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