Dzinski – Close Shave, Chapter Four

Challenge from Julia’s Place. Follow the link to see the prompt, read the other entries and give it a shot yourself. Figured I’d continue a storyline I had floating around here.

Chapter One, Two, Three

Dzinski finished his third cup of coffee. The police were still in the apartment, although the gunman had already been wheeled out on a gurney and down to the ambulance. He wasn’t dead, they said. But was out cold and would need a new nose when he woke up.

Detective Houle told him the police would take care of it. They’d find out who he was and why he was there.

Dzinski grunted.

The police, photographers and powdermen left a few hours later. Dzinski rolled a smoke and opened a cold beer. He thought about how the line was drawn already behind his heels.

11 thoughts on “Dzinski – Close Shave, Chapter Four

  1. I love this! A very different line to some! I’m glad you have been able to continue the tale and look forward to the next one!

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