Owl and Raccoon – Cyst

Prompt (however gruesome it may seem) courtesy of Madison Woods. Follow the link to see the picture and to read what everyone else came up with.



Owl stopped and pulled Raccoon off the deer trail and behind a thick maple tree.

“What’s going on?” Raccoon said.

But Owl’s eyes told him to be quiet. They sat against the trunk of the tree. All they heard was their shallow breath, their hearts beating, the occasional rustle of leaves high overhead or the quick four wing beat of a bird taking flight.

“Witch,” Owl whispered.

“Which what?”

“Didn’t you see?”

Raccoon shook his head. They crawled out from behind the tree. Owl pointed at the phlegm-like, fly-covered, ruptured, oozing cyst hanging from the snapped stalk.

“Witch,” he said.



15 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Cyst

  1. Nice buildup of tension, kind of a fairy tale ambience between the talking animals and the witch capsule. Very enjoyable take on the prompt.

  2. Another great Owl & Racoon tale Craig.
    Good job Owl had his wits about him – last thing you want is to bump into a Witch.

  3. Fabulous, as ever, Craig. Your diversity between these stories and the Close Shave ones is enviable, and in both sets you weave description and tension and excitement with vivid and likeable characters.

  4. Oh, I like me a nice Witch story. Great description of the ‘phlegm-like’ cyst, really disgusting, and though I haven’t come across Owl and Raccoon before (being a newbie at this flash business), they already come across as characters with a lot of depth.

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