Owl and Raccoon – Pearls

Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. Follow the link to see the picture and to read many other great super short stories.

The slow-moving river was halfway up to his knees. The water was cold. Raccoon’s toes squished in the mud and sand. He looked toward the sun, eyes closed tight, arms stretched out before him.

The bruises on his arms screamed. He scooped up handfuls of the river and splashed them on the purple swellings. Goosebumps rose.

Something scraped against his toes. Raccoon bent down and fished out an oyster. Fantasies of pearls, riches and escape swirled in his mind. He slipped his fingers between the shells and pried it apart.

It snapped open and was as empty as he felt.


16 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Pearls

  1. I enjoy your Racoon & Owl tales Craig and this is another great one.
    Missed Owl – is his absence the reason for Racoon feeling empty?
    Hope nothing bad has happened to him.

  2. I just loved those first few lines. A perfect way to start your story, cold water up to your knees, squelching mud and sand. I felt it! The desperation was there, I’m intrigued as to what had happened before and why he had that feeling of emptiness.

  3. Poor Raccoon – I do worry about this boy! Your mix of the serious subject with the lighter side of the boys’ fantasy never fails to deliver.
    For once a couple of concrits – he “looked up [at?] the sun” and when he scoops “handfuls of river” to ease his bruises, I think “it” should be “them” (plural handfuls not singular river), although I’m willing to be wrong about that!

  4. Dear Craig,

    Here’s what I thought as I read (for the first time) your story just now; Bridge on the River Kwai. Don’t ask me why (you wrote it.) I thought it gritty and vivid and while removed (I think) from the normal milieu of Owl and Raccoon, I still felt their world entirely. I love what you’ve created with these pieces, Craig.



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