Dzinski – Close Shave, Chapter Seven

Prompt courtesy of BeKind ReWrite‘s Inspiration Mondays. Follow the link to read some other great stories.


The doorman studied him quickly as he walked into Rockhead’s behind two tittering blondes. Dzinski pretended he hadn’t noticed and climbed the steps to the second floor.

The blondes had disappeared. Probably herded off into one of the many backrooms for private parties. The hard boys from the neighbourhood used the place as their unofficial club house.

Dzinski figured he might get some answers here.

He ordered a beer. The bartender slid it to him and pretended he didn’t press a buzzer.

“What’re you doing here, dick,” a low voice said.

Dzinski grabbed his beer bottle and spun on the stool and looked at the speaker.

“Just having a drink, Jimmy,” Dzinski said and raised the bottle slightly to prove the statement.

A smile tried to bloom on Jimmy’s face, but died about halfway through. He gnawed at the inside of his cheek, chewing the words he was about to say like cud.

“Maybe what I meant is,” Jimmy Beef said, “Don’t you know dead men ain’t supposed to get up and walk around. They’re supposed to lie down nice and quiet and just go away.”

Dzinski sipped at his beer, so his hands would have something to do besides tremble. He took a long swallow. He set the bottle down on his knee, holding it by the neck. A quick glance to either side let him know Jimmy was alone.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you to respect your elders?” Dzinski said. When Jimmy Beef opened his cow mouth to answer, he swung the bottle hard and caught him on the temple.

Jimmy Beef went down to one knee, clutching the left side of his face. Dzinski stood and kicked him in the gut. He drove his knee into the reeling man’s face. He shoved him and sat on his chest.

“Who sent him?”

Jimmy Beef smiled. Thick white teeth and dizzy eyes. His nose crunched under a hard jab.


No answer. Another quick punch. Another question. More silence. Another strike. Jimmy Beef’s head bounced against the floor. He coughed and spit out a mouthful of blood and a few teeth.

“Frank, it’d’ve been easier if you died this morning,” Jimmy said, words slurred together.

Dzinski heard the gun cock behind him. Saw the three armed other men rushing out from secret doors. He raised his hands and stood as they circled him. He kicked Jimmy Beef one last time as they pulled him up.


12 thoughts on “Dzinski – Close Shave, Chapter Seven

  1. Oh, damn! Dzinski’s in trouble again. Great story, great scene setting.

    I thought ‘Frank, it’d’ve been easier …’ would have flowed better as “Frank, it would’ve been easier…”

    1. Thanks KP – and you make a fair point. But when I read it again – i heard him slurring after getting punched a whole lot – so I think I might keep it the way it is. Appreciate the tip though/

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