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Coyote pens in the name of the song and its length in his little notebook. He does the math and figures he has about ten minutes left on this side of the cassette. Takes a quick sip of cold coffee while he thinks. He rummages through the piles of cardboard covered records, surrounding him like castle walls.

He imagines how she’ll feel when she listens to it. Hopes it will transport her to the day at the beach.  Two years ago. When they lay in the sand, stiff drinks sweating in their hands. And how their lips tasted of salt when they finally kissed.

He finds what he is looking for. Replays the last minute of the previous song. Changes records. Listens as the vinyl spins around. Decides it works. One hand holds the needle and the other rests on the tape deck buttons.

He drops the needle onto the spinning record. It crackles. It pops. It hisses.



No Way For A Slave to Behave – The Strange Boys



16 thoughts on “Mixtape

  1. Ah, mixtapes. What the kids these days are missing out on! Thanks for taking me back to the past, Craig. Excellently written, of course, with the bonus of nostalgia for your readers. Two years is a long time to wait, I wonder what he’s hoping for now!

  2. Gosh, I miss a good mixed tape. It was truly an art trying to get all the songs to fit perfect on each side. The iPod generation has it so easy. *grins*

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