Owl and Raccoon – Fog

Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods and the Friday Fictioneers. Follow the link to see this week’s picture and to read hundreds of other 100 word stories.


Owl and Raccoon walked down to the river through fog thick as movie theatre curtains. They watched silver minnows leap out and twist to catch the mosquitoes hovering just above the water.

The sun was half-hidden behind the scraggly pines and the grey haze.

“We could build a raft,” Raccoon said. “And then sail down the river, looking for adventures.”

Owl noticed the fresh bruises on his friend’s arms the day before. He wanted to say something, to comfort him. But he didn’t know what or how.

Instead, he helped Raccoon drag fallen logs and thick branches to the shore.


31 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Fog

    1. It’s a running thing/ I think i placed this one just after the last one I wrote a few weeks ago. But the abuse, neglect, etc has appeared to be one of the main themes. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I agree with Carrie. I think a story of this type could be used well to reach children who might dealing with abuse (or suspect it) in someone else’s life or even in theirs.

  2. Was dad (he’s the alcoholic right?) Who’s beating Raccoon, right. I love these two. Both the fun stuff and sad stuff is good. Nice job.

  3. Not enough power to fight back, no words to make it better. But they can at least build the raft and escape into the safety of their imaginations for a time. I wondered if the abuse would make another appearance, as it certainly does in life.

    1. It has – it become one of the main motivators for their escapes in fantasy (well, and fun, fun is always important.) Appreciate you taking the time to stop in.

  4. Raccoon has such a loyal friend in Owl. I can see them in their old age reminiscing …laughing and joking about their childhood adventures and Raccoon thanking Owl for being his loyal and steadfast friend through thick and thin. Thank you, Craig for this sweet journey.

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