Owl and Raccoon – Water Wheel

Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods and the Friday Fictioneers. Photo this week is courtesy of Piya Singh. Follow the links, read stories. This is the start of something larger, but feel free to criticize its lack of a resolution if you feel like it.


Owl and Raccoon were following a stream away from the river when they heard the cry. They ran toward the sound, chests puffed out like knights dashing to save damsels.

Instead they found a troll huddled and rocking gently, leaning against a water wheel bubbling with rust the colour of autumn leaves. They slowed, crouched and slipped forward. The troll sobbed and sniffed and babbled to itself. A leaf crunched under Owl’s foot.

The troll looked up, eyes and nose running so much as to make the stream jealous.

“You bad boys take goat?” the troll asked. “Love that goat.”


14 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Water Wheel

  1. You do have a way of putting the boys into different situations. Have to wonder this is the result of their vivid imaginations or if they’ve stepped over. In any case, nice take. Thanks.

  2. I think I’ll have to catch up on my troll fables. I feel like I’m working at a disadvantage but it foesn’t distract from my enjoyment. Can’t wait for their further adventures. Magical!

  3. Love that dialogue! Also the language of ‘so much as to make the stream jealous’, it has a quaint fairy tale feel to it.

    Am now feeling very sorry for that troll.

  4. I enjoyed the story, Craig, but stumbled over the line “water wheel bubbling with rust” Is the water the cool of rust, or is the wheel bubbling?

    Who got his goat? Cute pun.

  5. This one is special ……”so much as to make the make the stream jealous…” What a great line…what a great image. Feel sorry for the unhappy troll. Did the “naughty boys” really steal his goat? Thanks for visiting mine.

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