Stage Whisper

Prompt courtesy of BeKindRewrite‘s Inspiration Monday challenge. Follow the link to read a bunch of great stories.


Patricia pretended to whisper but relished how the people sitting at nearby tables could overhear her conversation. The food court teemed with people, like ants on a tossed apple. She recounted the details of her one nightstand to her friend. Her tongue licked at her teeth as her eyes darted, hummingbird quick from side to side, making sure the man in the suit at the next table was listening.

He ruffled his newspaper and stabbed at his salad with a plastic fork.

Patricia continued in her clattering hush. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Her friends asked questions. She answered them in detail, feeling her cheeks flush as she caught the man looking over. She turned slightly in her chair, her body twisted, she remained facing her friend but let the man steal glimpses of her inner thighs in the fleeting seconds her knees separated.

The two women kept talking. Patricia dipped a fry into the little cup of ketchup and ate it as seductively as she could. The man at the next table coughed. Patricia smirked.


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