Owl and Raccoon – Cold and Hot

Prompts courtesy of the Wednesday Write-in at Cake.shortandsweet. Follow the link to read some great stuff.

Owl slunk away from the locked door and sat on the warped wooden steps. He sucked at the blood seeping from the cracked skin on his knuckle. The few drops of blood made his stomach rumble.

Dark clouds, thick as wool blankets, moved across the sky. Fat drops splashed around him. He pulled his ratty sweatshirt up over his head and cursed his mother and sister. Thunder growled as lightning speared down from the sky.

He shivered and sneezed and starved and thought he was about to die.

The door opened behind him. A strange man kissed his mom on the cheek and looked at him sideways. Owl wished his eyes were cannons. He stood and pushed past his mother, peeling off his wet clothes as he stomped to the bathroom.

Owl lay completely submerged in the hot bath. He heard a warbled sound and opened his eyes to see his mother standing over him. He exhaled and watched his breath turn to bubbles and travel to the surface. He followed them up.

“I need to run out to the store,” his mother said. “What do you want for dinner?”

Owl shook his head and sunk back under the water.


8 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Cold and Hot

  1. Oh Owl. His life’s not much better than Raccoon’s, is it? Poor lad. I hope mom brings him home some dinner anyway. reat lines include the heavy blankets in the sky and the eyes like cannons.
    In the first line, I think you mean “cracked skin”. Otherwise, another great extract from the O&R cannon. I’m beginning to wonder if I should follow your lead and make Piccolo’s story something I just dribble out through my blog.

  2. Having not previously read anything in what I gather is a series that’s a great introduction to Owl and his mother, and the storm imagery really emphasises the character’s sullen mood, particularly since you keep him drenched throughout by putting him in the bath. Starting with “slunk” and ending with “sunk” was a really nice touch in rounding the encounter off – nice subtle use of language to make the scene feel complete.

  3. I love this as a moody little snapshot of Owl’s life. As Fallible said, it works really well without knowing the background of the characters. I particularly loved this line: “The few drops of blood made his stomach rumble.”

  4. Owl, you moody little thing. I like when Owl wished his eyes were canons. It’s exactly the kind of hyperbolic, violent thing you think of as a child, isn’t it? Love it.

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