Owl and Raccoon – Spiders

Friday Fictioneers. Hosted by Madison Woods with photo by Rochelle Wisoff Fields. Follow the link to see the picture and read more stories.




The dense treetops blocked the afternoon sun. They walked cautiously in shadows waist deep. Something bleated. The sound echoed. Each pointed in a different direction. They flipped a coin and Raccoon won.

The gloom thickened. Raccoon reached for Owl’s hand.

He slipped, fell and pulled Owl down a hill.

Overhead, webs thick as sails were woven between tree trunks. A giant spider moved along the strands with the slip-tick sound of knitting needles.

They waited, eyes wide and breath held while the spider crawled above. It stopped, looked down and saw them.

Something bleated. The spider went after the sound.



13 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Spiders

  1. Oh, goodnight! I’m glad for them. That felt a little more than simply imagination though. Feel bad for the bleating animal. I like the description of the spider walking a lot. Nicely done.

  2. “Webs thick as sails” – that’s a frightening idea! No escape… I suppose I should feel sorry for whatever’s bleating, but I haven’t met it the way I’ve met Owl and Raccoon. Hmmm – maybe the bleat is a trick to decoy the spider into reach!

    Also, I like the image of walking in waist-deep shadows. AND the knitting needle sound as the spider moves.

  3. Dear Craig,

    “Webs as thick as sails….” You’re tapping into our genetic memory, hitting all the right buttons. “..slip-tick sound of knitting needles.”

    Good stuff, Craig.



  4. This is going to be a tough week for a recovered arachnophobic, I can tell. Webs thick as sails and knitting-needle legs don’t fill me with warm fuzzy feelings.

  5. I see from the comments that it’s all been said, those haunting sails and knitting needles have put wonderful images in my mind. Lovely.

  6. Wow that was close. I thought for a moment this might have been the end of Owl & Raccoon.
    A great story Craig. I loved the line, “A giant spider moved along the strands with the slip-tick sound of knitting needles.” As my wife knits away tonight I shall be watching out for giant spiders!

  7. Wow. I’ve probably said it before but you are amazing. Well, it doesn’t really matter if I’ve said it before when every one else is saying it. Maybe I shall become the one dissenting voice. I shall negatively critique your writing, point out only those elements that need work. Like…, like….

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