Had five minutes with nothing to do at work, so I banged this out for the Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Madison Woods. Follow the link to see the picture prompt and to read upwards of one hundred short stories.


Larry Holmes ducked into the narrow, shadowed alley and his hand instinctively went to the fanny pack hidden under his thin polo shirt. He was convinced everyone eyeballed him, sizing him up for a robbery.

“That fat American must be rich,” he imagined them saying.

He’d followed the desk clerk’s directions, found the blue door and hadn’t been mugged.

Grecian whores were apparently incomparable, lithe and willing. The clerk said this was the finest bordello in town. He straightened his shoulders, licked his lips and imagined the exotic delights within. The door opened. Larry entered and was never seen again.


14 thoughts on “Allure

  1. Ha! Serves him right. Or did it? On second look and thought, perhaps it was so great he stayed. In that case, he probably died happy, but I still don’t like him. :-)

  2. Poor sucker. When will male tourists ever learn? What happened? No Owl and Raccoon to rescue him???? Bring back my little guys, I miss them.

  3. oh well. these are the chances we’ve taken. i won’t say i’ve never taken chances, but as i get older i do realize the balance of risk versus reward. btw: do you know the boxer by the name of larry holmes? i’ll assume it was just a coincidence, which is why i usually only use a first name, to avoid a real person’s name by accident. well done

  4. oh dear..poor Larry indeed.hope he died a happy man…very cool suspenseful fiction…love it. Mine is here

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