Owl and Raccoon – Well Seasoned

Prompt courtesy of Friday Fictoneers & Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Follow the link to see the picture and read a whole bunch of other tales.

They stopped to gas up and eat.

“Go on inside,” Owl’s mother said. “I need something in my suitcase.”

Owl shook his head, walked in the restaurant and sat near the far window. His mother arrived, fifteen minutes later, smiling and straightening her dress.  Uncle Steve came in behind her, looking flushed.

“The cottage is great,” Steve said, trying to sound comfortable. “You can fish and swim and hike.”

Owl nodded absently. Their breakfast arrived. The lid fell off the shaker and covered Steve’s eggs in a mountain of salt.

“You selfish little shit,” his mother said. “You think that’s funny?”


15 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Well Seasoned

  1. From story to story, I go from being excited for the boys to feeling bad for them. You’ve done an excellent job of making them so complex.

  2. Guess Owl wasn’t pleased with what Steve and Mom were up to in that 15 minutes. Suitcase indeed! Good for Owl. But the next leg of the trip might not be too pleasant.

  3. Wow, fifteen minutes, they must have had seconds. Someone should tell Owl about salt peter. That might slow Uncle Steve down.

  4. Dear Craig,

    You’ve added another masterpiece to the canon of Owl and Raccoon. I find it interesting that they blamed him immediately and fervently. Owl has been sent into the cafe to cool his heels before?



  5. Yes, mother…I found it very funny. Instead of eggs, horny Steve should have ordered a “horndog.” Russell’s “salt peter” line was comical. Welcome back Owl and Raccoon. I want more delicious adventures, Craig.

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