Before Something Happened

Prompts courtesy of Cake.short&sweet’s Wednesday Write-In. Adult language and themes.

She fucked like every man in her life abandoned her. And after getting to know her a bit better, I found out it was more than just an easy, offhand way to describe the needy desperation of her lovemaking, it was actually true.

I was just sitting on her couch, waiting for her to get ready. We were supposed to go to her friend’s birthday party. One of those nights you know it going to be awful, but you go through with it because you have nothing better to do and you’ll probably get laid at the end of.

So I’m sitting there, flipping through the channels and she comes in, still wet from the shower, a towel barely covering her and starts on about something and then I say something, I don’t even know what, and apparently that was the trigger. Her lips start quivering, and then story just pours out like a waterfall. I won’t lie, the only thing I could think of while listening to her story of her father, her first boyfriend, her second boyfriend, the third, fourth fifth and however many more left her, just walked out, was how I could escape as well.

Nobody wants to deal with that kind of damage.

She cried enough to drown a fish. I didn’t know what to say so I just held her, hoping it would be enough to calm her down. She wrapped her arms tight around me and sobbed against my chest. I sat there and tried to figure out how I felt.

Turns out I didn’t feel anything. Until she started undoing my pants.


10 thoughts on “Before Something Happened

  1. I really liked this line: Nobody wants to deal with that kind of damage. It feels very honest, almost too honest, like we’re hearing something we shouldn’t. But it rings very true.

    The very last sentence – did you add that on afterwards? I feel like it wasn’t there when I first read this story yesterday, but maybe I just missed it? Either way it made the piece much stronger, partly by making the speaker that much more horrible haha.

  2. The girl sounds quite annoying but it is the narrator I end up disliking. There’s a lot going on here. First line is very gripping.

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