Challenge courtesy of Shenandoah Valley Writers Flash! Fridays.


Hands shaking, he opened the door to the liquor cabinet. Trembling fingers reached out to the siren song of the scotch bottle. He relished the weight, the dull heaviness at the end of his hand.

The shaking calmed some. He set the bottle on the counter and managed to twist off the top. The bottle rattled against his glass so much he was sure one or both would crack or chip.

His eyes moistened as the amber liquid filled the highball glass.

He set the bottle aside and grasped the tumbler with both hands. He drank slowly, letting the alcohol roll over his tongue and teeth. He closed his eyes and the world slowed.

He finished the rest of his drink.

Steady as a stone altar, he washed and dried his glass, corked the bottle and set it back in the cabinet with the reverence of a priest performing holy communion.



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