300th Post!

Ten minutes to midnight Sparrow ran out of the party, leaving everyone’s mouth as open as the front door. The revelers looked at each other with eyes half-hidden under paper party hats and heavy with cheap champagne and momentarily forgot the countdown and the coming new year.

One pair at a time, the eyes stopped asking questions and looked to the back of the room. Stork stood there, beer can half-crushed in his hand. Forty eyes blinked and stared from either side of Sparrow’s wake.

He shrugged and pressed skip.

“I guess that used to be our song,” he said.


2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Dear Craig,

    Thanks for this episode of that world you so ably populate. There is a wonderful, other-worldly feel to them, yet is is a familiar place and I enjoy visiting.

    Happy New Year.



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