Dzinski – Wreck

Prompts (chipped, wreck) courtesy of Cake.shortandsweet‘s Wednesday Write In. This is the next instalment of Dzinski – Christmas Slaying.


The brunette sipped her coffee from a chipped porcelain cup and told her story. Once she started, it was so familiar, Dzinski let his mind wander and filled in the blanks himself.

A runaway, come to the city to make it big and realized it wasn’t quite as easy as in the pictures. Found a place with another girl and a job as a waitress. One night the other girl drags her along to a club. They meet a few men and have a good time. The next morning the men are gone but they left some money. So she feels awful, but gets over it. They go out again the next week.

Dzinski stopped listening. Rolling downhill always starts with small steps he thought. He looked her over and thought this one might not end up a wreck.

They finished their coffees.

“So what now,” the brunette said, her fingertips dragging along the blue ink patterns on the cup, her eyes looking up through her thick lashes, her head leaning forward.

“Now,” he said, standing, “I’ll do the dishes while you get dressed. Then I’ll drive you to the bus station and send you home.”

He cleared the table and turned to the sink.


5 thoughts on “Dzinski – Wreck

  1. There is a lot here: the story of the girl that, although we are already at the morning after, took place long before it; Dzinki’s jaded outlook; and the asshole-ish realism in his response to the brunette’s suggestive question.

    This is good and complete.

  2. I like your Dzinski pieces. They are always an enjoyable read. He is an interesting character. I assumed he had slept with her as he tells her to get dressed but I have him down as a bit of a flawed hero. Maybe he does have more morals than I am giving credit for. I liked this.

  3. I like ‘rolling downhill always starts with small steps’. I want to go back and read all the Dzinski pieces as I am beginning to like him.

  4. Not quite sure where the twist leads, whether it is that he’s slept with her and now he is dismissing her, or whether he’s offering her a lift home as in, her parents? It seems like it could read either way. I feel sad for the girl, I thought it was going to end with her bursting into tears and Dzinski’s reaction…

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