Prompt courtesy of the SVW Flash! Friday.


You couldn’t sit down to a cold soda in town without hearing another tale of the debauchery out at Humphrey’s farm.  Some say he had seven wives, one for every day of the week. Others took a more sinister bend, said it was a coven of witches and that Humphrey was the devil himself.

Margaret heard all the stories, but never put no stock in them.  Probably just fairy tales to keep her cowered and covered and a good little girl.

The morning of her eighteenth birthday, she set out walking to the farm. And she ain’t been seen since.


One thought on “Coven

  1. oooh… sinister. I love the voice you give to this piece – I tripped over “cowered and covered” the first time, but decided it was in keeping with the rest of the language. This would make a great opening hook…

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