Prompt (beneath the surface) courtesy of 100WCGU


The manager screamed and spittle flew from his mouth. He pounded a clenched fist against the desk. Pens rattled and rolled away. The worker flinched and cowered.

He saw his job, his savings, his whole life evaporate as his furious boss hollered.

One little mistake, a missed comma in the financial records, cost the company millions. People would lose their jobs because of him. The worker avoided both the murderous and pitiful glares of his colleagues.

The manager’s cheeks were flushed and neck strained with the screaming, but beneath the surface he hummed a gentle lullaby and felt sorry for the poor bastard.

4 thoughts on “Berated

  1. a bit removed with the titles rather than personalized names or nick names…even pronouns, but I love the idea and the momentum…would make a great short story starter! :)

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