The Rules According to Charlie

Prompts courtesy of Jeffrey Hollar‘s Monday Mixer

“Charlie, you couldn’t be more dogmatic unless you were wearing a wine-speckled cassock.”

“Say what you will. But there are certain rules of behaviour that must be observed,” Charlie said. “Be it in a taproom, tavern or the local pub.”

“Oh, enlighten me then, your holiness,” Bill said, raising his glass in derisive reverence.

“One, not to drink so much it’s like you were thumped with a cosh.”

“Too late for that one,” Bill said, slurring his words to irritate Charlie all the more.

Charlie raised an eyebrow at Bill.

“Two, never let the drink become a manacle, holding you down.”

“Alright, I’ll give you that one,” Bill said.

“Too many men live in prisons of their own design,” Charlie added

“Aye, we do,” Bill said, signalling the barkeep for another.

“And lastly,” Charlie said, pulling out his billfold again. “Is to pay for the pints sometime, you tight bastard.”

150 words. Overachiever option attempted: manacle, cosh, taproom, derisive, dogmatic


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