Owl and Raccoon – Chain Gang

Prompt courtesy of Friday Fictioneers.

Owl and Raccoon hopped the white picket fence and made their way into the old barn.

Since breaking off from the chain gang, they’d been running for three days. Their black and white jumpsuits covered in blood, sweat, mud and sand. Their ankles raw, sore and bleeding from the heavy iron chains shackling them together.

“Must be something,” Owl said. Raccoon nodded and they hobbled forward, arms draped over each other’s shoulders.

They found a mallet and chisel. Owl’d just about busted through a link when they heard the bloodhounds baying.

“Keep going,” Raccoon said. “Almost there. We’re almost free.”


18 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Chain Gang

  1. Craig, I enjoy your Owl and Raccoon stories. There isn’t necessarily one thing that pops out at me from the story but it just flows and works. It’s always good to catch up with them although, in this case, hopefully no one else is catching up with them.


  2. Dear Craig,
    How on earth did those boys end up on a chain gang? In any case your story’s well told and concise with just the right build of tension.

  3. Very vivid picture you evoked with your rich description. Why is it we are moved to hope the convicts escape? Perhaps all the movies we see where the prisoners are wrongly convicted. I wonder if they have time to finish and escape.

  4. Gosh, I’ve been away so long, Owl and Raccoon have grown up! Grown up and gone to prison. What a life for our boys. Nicely told from the moment they hopped that picket fence – although, come to think of it, that must have been pretty hard with those shackles…

  5. Hurray! My favourite little adventurers are back, as imaginative and lively as ever! Technically, the two setnences which begin “Their” are incomplete, and I stumbled over that slightly, but it was still a joy to read.

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