Bindle Stiff

Prompt courtesy of 100WGU


Bearded Ed wished the other tramps a good trip and hopped down from the boxcar. The sun was coming up ahead of him, but hadn’t had a chance to melt the frozen dew on the grass.

It crunched under his boots as he trudged towards the farms looking for work. A couple smackers, a plate of substantials and maybe a touch of skee would be the key to surviving this leg as he worked his way Northeast.

His wife fell sick and he was making the pilgrimage home, to look her in those blue eyes and apologize one last time.



5 thoughts on “Bindle Stiff

  1. Very well written – the description at the beginning is sharply detailed, and the last four words suddenly make both Ed and his wife leap into individuality as we get a glimpse of his history.

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