Owl and Raccoon – Firing Squad

Prompt courtesy of Velvet Verbosity‘s 100 Word Challenge.

Owl and Racoon sat on the polished bench across from the office. Through the frosted glass they could see their teacher’s silhouette explaining their latest offense.

“They’re constantly misbehaving,” the teacher said. “This time they were jumping from desk to desk, because the floor was lava. We have three broken desks and one girl with a bloody nose.”

“I’ll talk to them,” the principal said. “Send them in.”

The boys looked at each other and sat up straighter. Raccoon pulled two pencils from his pocket, offered one to Owl.

They lit their smokes and waited to face the firing squad.


9 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Firing Squad

  1. The floor was lava – that made me laugh remembering when my kids would play that game!

  2. Good job of shifting the lens focus in this scene, Craig, to give us the teachers and the “real” situation, as well as the boys’ imaginations

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