One Sided Conversation

Prompt courtesy of BeKindRewrite‘s Inspiration Mondays.


Never understood how folks make such a big deal out of what their beliefs are or aren’t. Always going out of their way just to make sure you happen to know what it is they think about this or that. I mostly just stare at them, nodding every now and then, and that’s all they really want. They just need to get it out there, makes them feel better I suppose, getting all that off their hearts.

All I do is pump their gas.

Most likely, it’s because we happen to be the only service station in one hundred and fifty miles either way, and these folks have been driving alone for the last hour or so.

Some people can’t ever get a handle on being by themselves.

So they pull in with their gas tanks empty and just frothing to talk to someone. Maybe to isn’t quite right. They can’t wait to talk at someone. They don’t want conversation. They just want to see your face when they say whatever it is that comes out of their mouths. I mostly nod and wait for them to take a breath and ask if they want me to check their oil or windshield fluid.

It startles them, just a little, when they figure out I haven’t been hanging on their every word. When they haven’t captured and enraptured me like some golden voiced puppet with god’s hand shoved up their back. They’ll lower their eyes and cough, and shove handfuls of crumpled bills at me, leaving in a bigger hurry then they’d like to let on.



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