Spring Festival

Prompt courtesy of Lillie McFerrin‘s 5 Sentence Fiction.


As soon as the trees started to bud under the spring sun, the ants moved into my kitchen. They charged in dragging carts and wagons, like roustabouts dragging a carnival behind them. The big top, merry-go-round and game stalls rose up on the kitchen counter, like stems from seeds.

A storm rose up, carrying the last harsh winds and biting rains of winter.

I used my dishrag to sop up the drowned workers, the shredded tents, splintered stands, and pushed it all into the trash.


3 thoughts on “Spring Festival

  1. Wait a minute – this is supposed to be fiction. And who let you into my house?

    This is my favorite post on this prompt, very imaginatively done, though I may be biased. You see, the circus is still in my town.

    Well done.

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