Too Little Toothpaste

He forgot to buy toothpaste. Again. Nothing came out of the flattened tube. He pushed, twisted, and rolled the end, like an accordion, towards the opening. A pea-sized drop squirted out, surprising him.

He scooped it up from the bottom of the sink with his brush and started cleaning his teeth. He held the frothy paste in his mouth longer than he liked, the minty foam dripping down his throat. He spit and rinsed the brush under cold water. He scrubbed the sink with his fingers and dried them on hand towel hanging on a hook screwed into the wall.


2 thoughts on “Too Little Toothpaste

  1. Love the story.. just one question comes to mind: Why didn’t he just go get some baking soda, wet his brush, dip, a brush. I mean, geeze, why pay these awful prices for paste made of the same thing plus untold other chemicals, when simple soda words for less than a dollar for a box that will last you over a year!

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