Yeah! Road Trip!

Prompt courtesy of VelvetVerbosity’s 100 Word Challenge.

After an eight-hour drive, most of it spent in waiting for a man in an orange vest to wave him through, to allow him passage, down a gravel lane, Rabbit finally made it home.

He hated every single person with too tan arms and hard hats who stood around and smoked, laughing, enjoying life and while who knows how many people sat in uncomfortable rental cars with no radio reception and nothing to do but sit, sit, sit.

Rabbit dropped his bag beside the door, kicked off his shoes and crawled to the shower, eager to wash the road off.


2 thoughts on “Yeah! Road Trip!

  1. Alas, poor Rabbit, I knew him well. Or was that Yorick? Anyway – I like this piece – tight and well written – and yes – it perfectly matches what that experience feels like.

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