A Day at the Beach

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers.


“There’s a lesson to be learned from them,” the man said, pointing at the screeching gulls fighting further on down the beach. The boy, his grandson, looked up, waiting for his wisdom. But he remained quiet, eating a hot-dog, sipping at his beer and looking out toward the horizon.

The gulls stopped fighting and flew apart. The boy watched them break apart and glide away, both seeming to have lost the battle. He scratched at his ankle and wondered if maybe that was the lesson.

He missed his parents and wondered why they insisted he spend the summer with Grandpa.


10 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. Very cryptic. You have me thinking about marriage, whether or not that was the intent. The lesson would have been better served, I think, with a bit more input from Grandpa or a question for the grandson. Hopefully the grandson will understand and will get to enjoy his precious time with Grandpa.


  2. Interesting snippet, Craig. I feel like Grandpa’s got a lot more to teach, but also a lot to learn about kids. I’d love to see more of this story.

  3. Ah yes, love is a battlefield. Well, at any rate, my marriage was. In retrospect, it was probably harder on my son than he let on. He’s turned out all right anyway, but I regret any stress that he was put through.

  4. I like your story very much – felt like I was there – but you might want to clarify your pronoun in the last sentence of the first paragraph. For a moment, I thought the grandson was sipping a beer. ;)

  5. Dear Craig,

    There’s a lot of unspoken story here. Hopefully Grandpa will go on to explain himself and his grandson might gain a new appreciation for him. I liked this work very much.



  6. Dear Craig,

    The lessons are always hardest to sort out when you’re young. Too soon old and too late smart. He just sounds lonely. Nice story.



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