Owl and Raccoon – The New Kid

Raccoon reached across the aisle and poked Owl in the arm. Their eyes met and then moved to the teacher standing at the open door, speaking to the principal. Their minds spun like roulette wheels, already working on lies, excuses and alibis.

The teacher turned and looked over the students. Owl and Raccoon ducked their heads quickly.

“Everyone,” the teacher said. “Meet your newest classmate.”

She had short brown hair, and her face was covered in a thick splash of freckles. She wore a red sweater and her jeans were torn at the knees.

“Hi,” she said. “My name’s Rabbit.”


2 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – The New Kid

  1. Trouble? Adam is too suspicious! I think Rabbit sounds like fun for them. Cute as ever, and I love the introduction of another character.
    One question: can two minds spin like one roulette wheel?

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