Owl and Raccoon – Witch Fish

The two boys stared at the thirty one fish swimming in the shallow pool.

“How do we know which is the magic one?” Owl asked.

“The witch didn’t say,” Raccoon said. “But if we want to save your sister we’ll have to find it. You’d think a magic fish would glow or something.”

The fish swam in every direction, confusing the boys even more.

“Curse that wrinkled, stinking witch. If she wanted our help, all she had to do was ask.”

Raccoon put his arm around Owl’s shuddering shoulders.

“You know she’s too stubborn and afraid to ask for help.”

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Photo courtesy of Douglas M. MacIlroy Read loads more stories here.


14 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Witch Fish

  1. I’m impressed they managed to count the fish while they were moving. I hope they find the magic one. I liked the impotent childish rage you depicted in Owl.

  2. Dear Craig,

    I’m confused as to why the witch would need to ask for help. Nice to see Owl and Raccoon again, though. Hope they find the magic fish before it’s too late.



  3. Dear Craig,

    The return of Owl and Raccoon is long overdue. I echo Lindaura’s question and am chuckling at your answer.

    Reminds me of The Supreme Being in Monty Python’s Time Bandits mumbling, “I think it’s something to do with free will.”

    Well done.



  4. I prefer my witches young and pretty, but the flow of the story makes me want more. Nicely done.

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