The Keeper

They knocked and waited. No one answered, so they knocked again.

“What do you vile, boisterous rapscallions want?” a voice said. Owl and Raccoon looked up at the plaster face speaking to them from above the door.

“That stinking old witch sent us here for some book,” Owl said. The face said they could not enter. When they asked why not, it replied they had not answered the riddle. Raccoon wondered how they could answer if nothing had been asked.

“If you querulous delinquents will give me a moment,” the face said with a sigh, “you’ll have your confounded riddle.”

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read the rest of the stories here.


11 thoughts on “The Keeper

  1. You made me laugh at that loquacious stone head. I was wondering what you were up to with the first sentence he uttered. I love the two little boys up to no good, doing the witch’s errands, which I imagine would be borrowing a library book from a neighbour on their older sister’s command.

  2. Dear Graig,

    I sense a ‘to be continued’ aspect about this. I am busting my buns thinking up riddles to try to stay ahead of the story.

    Well done.



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