Owl and Raccoon – Ypres

“Medic!” Owl screamed. He shuffled out of the gunfire and into the narrow doorway and cradled his comrade, whose skin was cool as marble.

“No, no, no,” he cried. “Where’s that sawbones?”

Raccoon dove into the alcove as a thick yellow cloud drifted across the battlefield. He got to his knees and clucked his tongue.

“Doc ain’t coming through that,” he said throwing a thumb back over his shoulder. His seasoned eye looked over the mournful scene. He knocked the dust from his pants.

“On your feet, private,” Raccoon said, warmly. “We can’t let them damn Jerries take this village.”

Prompts courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


7 thoughts on “Owl and Raccoon – Ypres

  1. If you haven’t noticed by now. I LOVE Owl and Raccoon stories. This one is as vivid and beautiful as any, the language is just perfect for the characters – both the little boys and the men they pretend to be. I was a little confused at the end – is the seasoned eye / superior officer Raccoon or a third character? Either way though, I’m just glad Raccoon wasn’t the casualty in the first paragraph.

  2. OH you have a typo, Craig, In Racoon’s line: “Doc ain’t coming though that,” I know you meant “through” that. It’s a charming story of kids playing at war. And I would have used that mannequin as a wounded soldier, if I was playing with them, too! Imagination is a wonderful thing, even if its a war game – they still have the innocence of youth.

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