We caught our limit and were heading back when we found the man drifting in the middle of the lake. His boat was taking on water, slowly but would be submerged by sundown. When Father asked what he was doing out here, the man shrugged and stared at the horizon.

That’s when we noticed his oars were missing.

Father asked if he wanted to be towed to shore. The man leaned back and lifted his sopping feet to the thwart. He smiled and said he’d appreciate it if we did. I tossed the rope over and the man tied a loose knot to the breast hook.

Father scowled at his attempt but started out anyway.

Just before we reached the shore, the man in the boat started to laugh. Father sent me to see what was so funny.

He didn’t believe when I told him the boat was now empty.

Prompt courtesy of Flash Fridays.


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