South Of The Border

The man led his horse through the pueblo’s gates and hitched him outside the nearest saloon. A faded wanted poster bearing his likeness was nailed to the wall. The bar was empty except for the bartender, wiping down glasses with a stained rag.

He ordered whiskey. He drank it and ordered another.

“You here for the wedding?” the bartender asked. The ceremony was just about to begin.

He nodded and drank.

“You seem familiar to me.”

The man shrugged. He paid and left. The bartender watched him walk out into the sun-bleached street and noticed the man cast no shadow.


Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


15 thoughts on “South Of The Border

  1. So much stereotype here, and yet it works to create a strong image and leads us into that great final line. Feels like the opening to a Clint Eastwood movie. No, better than Clint…

  2. No wonder the wanted poster was faded. I wonder if he was there to haunt someone as he couldn’t have been invited. Good story with a surprise twist at the end. Well done.

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