They’d left yesterday morning, the blood running bright from Raccoon’s nose.

When they heard the car coming up behind them, they slipped through the fence, and slid down the damp slope until they lay, face down, in the tallest grasses on the creek’s shore. Gravel crunched under heavy, slow-moving tires. They held their breath and waited.

The police car slowed, stopped. The door opened. A body climbed the fence. He called out their names and waited and finally Owl and Raccoon forced themselves to their feet.

Wrapped in blankets, sitting in the cruiser’s back seat, they planned their next escape.


Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


19 thoughts on “Thwarted

  1. Great stuff, as always with these two. Makes me long to be young and fearless again. One thing – I think I’d hyphenate “slow-moving”…

    1. Thanks for the high praise.

      As for slow moving, WordPress wanted to hyphenate, but MS Word said it was fine. Maybe I can do it and sneak another word in somewhere.

  2. Really vivid description of them hiding – I loved it. I wasn’t sure though why they gave up so easily, but perhaps there’s more about these characters that I don’t know.

  3. Hi Craig, I am back for a while and thought I’d take a dip into Owl and Racoon territory. This one is really well done. The detail perfect. The kids swaddled in the back seat. Thwarted now, but ready for their next adventure. We are too! Lindaura

  4. Owl and raccoon going for the great escape. Add some deer and a few field mice and it sounds like my backyard! I’ve got to agree with Claire, why did the little rascals give up?

  5. Craig, Good story with some humor added. I loved the names you gave those guys, Owl and Raccoon. I guess the police are used to them escaping and being recaptured. The description of the sounds put me at the scene. Well done. :) —Susan

  6. Dear Craig,

    The characters in your stories always have clear ‘voices’ speaking on many levels. This story mirrored an afternoon I had as a teenager and I found it very compelling. Well done.



  7. Dear Craig,

    Owl and Raccoon are always great characters to read. I suspect this one started with child abuse which is dismaying. Well written as always.



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