Miles Away

They lay in the tall grasses of the field, staring up at the long white vapor trails drawn across the afternoon sky.

Raccoon, sat up, and leaning on his elbow and turned to Owl.

“Were you with Rabbit yesterday?” he asked.


“Someone said they saw you two coming out of the library.”

Owl’s eyes flicked sideways, trying to get a read of the other boy’s face. He couldn’t tell. He knew Raccoon would never admit to having a crush on the girl. Staring up at the sky, he wondered whether he should lie or not.

Another plane traveled overhead.


Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


11 thoughts on “Miles Away

  1. Dear Craig,

    Always a pleasure to see Owl and Raccoon. I hope Rabbit won’t come between them.

    Note: I think you mean “overhead” and not “overheard.”

    Nicely done.



  2. Dear Craig,

    These stories are magical. That should be the title of the folder that contains them all so that you must read it before you open them. I want you to know this. I want you to remember it. I want you to take it to heart.



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