Cupping her hands under the faucet, Parrot tried to wash away the chalky aftertaste. Then, without looking at herself in the mirror, she put the pills back in the medicine cabinet and lowered herself slowly to the floor.

She leaned against the tub and drew her knees close to her chest.

The yelling was so loud she felt the entire house shaking with each muffled cry of shame, contempt, outrage and hate. Their voices rose and mixed with the roar of blood in Parrot’s ears.

She rocked, tears escaping from the corners of her closed eyes, until everything went quiet.

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


5 thoughts on “Flurry

  1. Sad. Checking out like this is such a waste–but those who reach the depth of despair feel they have no choice. You’ve done a good job of describing (in 100 words or less) the last minutes.

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