As In Nature

Dzinski tossed his cigarette to the lake, then cursed himself as the nearby raft of ducks fought over it, all quacks and wings flapping, churning the already turbulent waters, until the winner choked it down triumphantly.

Movement to his right drew his eyes, the man he was trailing and lost, now reappeared, carrying a briefcase heavy enough to cause him to lean to one side. Dzinski counted to twenty five and started after him.

A block away, four masked men jumped the man, screaming and fists connecting, until they ripped the briefcase from his near lifeless body and ran.

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


23 thoughts on “As In Nature

  1. I hope the four assailants get some more worth fighting over than the ducks got. I’m sure they know what they’re after. I really like the way you set the mood here, and shift so seamlessly from the ducks to the human. Lovely.

  2. Dear Craig,

    That first paragraph…stellar. Loved the description of the ducks although I think Dzinski should be sited for animal cruelty. ;) Nicely done as always.



  3. I like the parallel between the ducks fighting and the men fighting, although the “barking” lost me. I’ve heard of people barking their shins, but maybe there’s a meaning I don’t know. Good use of title, too.


      1. OK, I understand but I wouldn’t have gotten that from the way it’s written. “Stop!” he barked, would make sense to me, but it’s not a big deal.

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