You Never Really Know What’s Out There

Spent the last hour reading this story about some weirdo who used a television show, filmed in his basement, to lure kids out to his place, and I was getting a little jittery. So I stepped outside for a cigarette, had to dodge out of the dog’s way as he suddenly woke from the couch and careened out onto the balcony with me.

The light above was flickering, it did that after it rained, short in the wire maybe, so, after my first puff, I reached up, the switch is in the frame between the two doors, and turned it off.

Last thing I needed was a fire starting in the roof. This place is insulated with newspaper.

As soon as the light’s off, the dog goes crazy. He’s barking and snarling, but I can’t see what at.

I dropped my smoke and reached up and turned the light back on.

The dog’s got his nose right up against the shed door. Hackles raised and barking in that close-mouthed, I’m serious as shit, kind of way. I’m telling him to get back from there, to stop barking, Jesus Christ, but for some reason, I take the time to notice the light isn’t blinking anymore.

He’s either barking at nothing, or a squirrel maybe got in there, squeezed in between the door and the frame. That’s probably it.

I know it’s crazy, it’s impossible, but, just in case, I look to see if the outside latch is hooked.

It isn’t.


2 thoughts on “You Never Really Know What’s Out There

  1. It’s burn the shed down or run. Now!
    I’m always at sixes and sevens as whether or not to use he/she pronouns for animals. I guess it depends on the relationship.

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